Lists of major new gTLD information: links to objections, ICANN links, Projects in Round 2, (Soon: URS links, PDDRP and RRDRP procedures) and feeds.

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Club for new gTLD authors
Round 2: identified projects (list)
Round2 Projects
Jovenet Consulting
ICANN new gTLD Application Results
Sunrise and Trademark Claims dates
Delegated Strings ("live" new gTLDs)
List of Reconsideration Requests
Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) Results
Trademark Clearinghouse Statistics
Signed ICANN Registry agreements
String Confusion Objections (click on "Listing of String Confusion Objections Filed")
Limited Public Interest, Community Objections
LinkedIn new gTLDs
(2200+ members)
Trademark Clearinghouse (tmch)
Actual list of TLDs maintained by IANA
Contact Jean Guillon
List of new gTLD applicants as published on the 13th of July 2012.

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